LP Deposit

Providing Liquidity and Farming

Users can deposit assets into any pool of their preference, and those who do so are referred to as Liquidity Provider (LP) within the ecosystem. In exchange for providing liquidity, they receive Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens as proof of their contribution. In order to give more rewards to those liquidity providers, GOLDSTATION made additional yield farming. The LP tokens received by the user will immediately deposited to the Yield Farming Pool through the user's signature, allowing them to earn additional profits beyond the transaction fees received through providing liquidity.

  • Transaction fee rewards

If the user supplies liquidity to the general pool, users can receive the transaction fee according to their LP stake(%) in the pool. Transaction fees are accumulated in the pool and, in case of withdrawal, the total amount withdrawal includes transaction fee rewards, and the process depends on the exchange ratio at the time of withdrawal. (50% of the transaction fee incurred)

  • Token Airdrop rewards

If the user supplies liquidity to the pool in progress of the Airdrop, the Airdrop token will be distributed according to their LP share(%)

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