GPC Mint guide

To Mint GPC, first step is choosing a NFT to set as collateral.

*You can choose one NFT at the time in order to prevent systematical error

  1. Check the information and guide and click [Approve] button.

  2. Confirm approve transaction via your wallet.

  1. Click [GPC Mint] button to proceed

  2. Confirm mint transaction via your wallet.

  1. GPC mint completed

*If you cannot find minted GPC in your wallet.

You should import token to your wallet. Follow the guide below.

*If you cannot see GPC Token in your wallet, You should manually add GPC Token to wallet that you use. Guides are following.

  1. Connect wallet to GOLDSTATION website and Click [Add token] button.

  2. You can see your connected wallet shows alerts that make you confirm to add GPC to your wallet.

  3. You can now see GPC is added on your wallet.

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