Deposit guide

[Step by step guide for Deposit]

  1. Select a Pool that you want to deposit and click "Deposit" button

  1. You can see the "Enable Token" button. If you're depositing pools with two tokens ex.) GPC-GHUB Pool, you have to enable both tokens. *This transaction required only once as you can see on the button.

  1. Once you complete "Enable", button will be changed to "Deposit". Input the amount of token that you want to deposit into the liquidity pool, and Click "Deposit" button.

  1. To deposit LP tokens, three transactions are necessary in the following order:

    • (1)Open LP Token

    • (2)LP Token Enable (*required only once)

    • (3)Farming

    By doing this, users can receive fee rewards through LP tokens, and also obtain additional rewards by depositing the LP tokens.

*If the process is terminated midway, specifically when the LP tokens are still held in the wallet, a "Complete Farming" button will be displayed. By pressing this button, you can continue the process.

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