Burn guide

[Step by step guide for Minting]

*Process of Wrapped ST -> ST

  1. Go to [Burn] menu and select Asset that you want to mint. (In this case Wrapped DIGAU)

  1. Unwrappable Amount is a amount of wrapped token that you have in connected wallet.

  2. Enter KYC Verified account of GreenX.(Please enter the ID with precise capitalization)

  3. Enter amount of wrapped token that you want to unwrap.

  1. Check the information of unwrapping request and sign the transaction of burning WDIGAU

*When unwrapping, 0.3% of fee is charged. For example, when you unwrap 1 WDIGAU you will receive 0.997 DIGAU(1 - 1*0.003)

  1. When unwrapping is done, you can see the ST is succesfully sent to GreenX account.

*This process may take some time due to network condition.

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